What is a Desire Obtainment Process?

A Desire Obtainment Process is the journey from Point A to Point B. We visualize it as a straight line that we travel one time but this line just symbolizes the procedure, method, technique, way, laws, or rules we need to obey in order to obtain our chosen Desire. Everything that we could want has an inherent pathway or law attached to it that has to be obeyed in order to obtain it for ourselves. We can’t make up this law ourselves. We have to submit ourselves to obeying it if we really want our Desire. This is a Sacrifice. We have to give up certain ways of doing things and implement other ways. Change is not always easy. At the least it causes discomfort and requires us to take some risks. When we take these risks, we do it with Faith in our Cause. We have Faith that even though we feel the discomfort and sorrow of sacrifice, in the Result we will obtain our Desire. Thus the journey to obtain our Desire is composed of Faith and Sacrifice. Giving up Point A for Point B is about giving up what has been familiar and comfortable for something better. It’s about giving up certain habits in order to form new ones.

We engage in Conflicting Desire Obtainment Processes when we try to follow two or more opposing laws or rules. Since Causes are the ones who prescribe the laws, this Conflict can be resolved by choosing between these Causes. We can only follow one Cause’s rules, advice, laws, opinions at once. If we continuously try to follow both, we’ll never obtain our Desire.