What is a Cause?

A Cause is a person who represents our Desire. He embodies it and exemplifies it. He’s a role model, paragon, ideal, or paradigm for us. This person has already made the journey from Point A to Point B (see Figure 2). He has already obtained a Desire similar to the one we are seeking. It is because of him that we have the Desire in the first place. He resides at Point B. Through watching him, learning about him, and being influenced by him, we have formed the Desire in our heart. We have said, “I want to become like him” or “I want to obtain something similar to what he has.” A Cause can be male or female but for simplicity’s sake I used the male pronouns when referring to this role that people play in our lives.

Opposite a Cause is a Child. That’s us. A Child is someone who has a Desire because she has seen it exemplified in her Cause and admired it. She has been the beneficiary of his provisions. She may have been taught by him or be willing to be taught by him in regards to the pathway she needs to take to obtain this Desire. She may have been evaluated by him as he has appreciated the Desires she has already obtained, which has enabled her to feel her value. She is willing to be evaluated by him throughout this new Desire Obtainment Process. When we choose to establish a relationship like this with our Cause, we become his Children.

To summarize, a Cause is an Exemplar, Provider, Teacher, and Evaluator. A Child is an Admirer, Beneficiary, Student, and Candidate of a Cause.

We run into Conflict when we have two or more opposing Causes. Usually, this is the reason we form Conflicting Desires. One Cause exemplifies one Desire and another exemplifies another. One provides for us in one way and another provides for us in another. They each give us conflicting guidance and evaluations. We can’t follow both. In order to resolve the Conflict, we have to choose between them.