What are Results?

We journey to our desired destination incrementally. We achieve our Results little by little. Every step towards our final destination is a success. It is a goal achieved. When we consistently follow our Cause by engaging in his prescribed Desire Obtainment Process and by listening to his Effects, we obtain our desired Results. When we continuously keep his laws, we develop new habits. As we do, the Process and Effects become Knowledge. We know the law. We know how to journey from Point A to Point B. We can now be a Cause for others as we use our Results to help them in their life journeys. They may see who we are, what we do, how we have influenced them and form a similar Desire. They may choose us as their Cause to help them in their Desire Obtainment Process. Since we have the Knowledge, we can help them. We also can use the Knowledge we have obtained and the relationship we have developed with our Cause to obtain other Desires that we might have. Once we get to Point B, Point C may become visible. It becomes our new Desire.

A Servant is someone who is both a Cause and a Child. A Servant follows her chosen Cause to obtain her Desires at the same time as guiding others to obtain their Desires. She strives to balance these roles. She emulates the way her Cause assisted her throughout her Desire Obtainment Journey in order to assist her own Children throughout theirs.

When we cannot obtain our desired Results, we end in Conflict. Consistent Conflict is failure. We fail to obtain our Desire. If this is the case for us, we can look back at the reasons for Conflict—Conflicting Desires, Causes, Processes, and Effects in order to find resolution. The other 6 levels in this program discuss the Causes of Conflict more in depth.

Level 2: General vs. Specific Desire Obtainment Processes
Level 3: Balanced vs. Imbalanced Specific Desire Obtainment Processes
Level 4: Spiritual vs. Physical Desire Obtainment Processes
Level 5: Justice vs. Time Desire Obtainment Processes
Level 6: Threshold vs. Extreme Desire Obtainment Processes
Level 7: Remembering Past Desire Obtainment Processes vs. Engaging in new ones

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