What are Effects?

When we begin our journey towards Desire Obtainment we’re unsure if we’re actually on track or not. Often times the laws we need to obey to get to Point B are somewhat hidden or mysterious, at least to us (see Figure 4). We’re not sure if this is the actual pathway to get there. If we make this sacrifice, will we really obtain our Desire in the Result? 

Effects are the feedback, validation, and personal guidance of our Cause that help us know that we are on track before we actually get there. When we have Faith in him, we receive his Effects and let them guide us regardless of the discomfort of the sacrifice and the confusion we may feel as a result of Conflicting Causes trying to guide us at the same time. Our Cause’s Effects also warn us when we’re getting off track. When we choose to put our Faith in him consistently our Effect Sensors tune in to his guidance above the Conflicting Effects we experience from other Causes. We sacrifice listening to Conflicting Causes and their Effects in order to listen to him. We learn his voice and how to journey as he did.