Day 5: Justice vs. Time Desires

Justice vs. Time Desires
There are certain Desires we received in advance of our ability to engage in their inherent Desire Obtainment Process. We received them by Covenant. That means we promised to develop the ability to keep the commitments through our Desire Obtainment Process. This is where the commandments came from. Because we are already enjoying certain privileges God has given us, we are obligated to keep certain commitments to Him. I refer to these types of Desires as Justice Desires. Justice is upon us because we are already enjoying the privileges God has given us.

We also have Time Desires. These are our Specific Desires. We can choose them. We haven’t received the privileges in advance. We haven’t made previous commitments to God. We have Time and Space to determine what we want and to choose our Specific Cause. We have Time to experiment upon the Desire Obtainment Process and test out the Effects. In the early Results we can make a choice whether this is a Balanced Desire for us or not.

In the following videos that were made a couple of years ago, I was still trying to put all of these concepts together in the right way and order. I switched the concept in Level 5 with the concept in Level 6. I also changed the names. A Past Desire is a Justice Desire. A Present Desire is a Time Desire. Thanks for your patience! I will eventually remake all of these videos so they coincide with my present level of understanding.

Justice vs. Time Causes
A Justice Cause is God, the Father. He has given us our body and this earth and all the blessings upon it in advance. We have also made commitments to Him in the pre-existence in regards to our life missions.

A Time Cause is Jesus Christ. Because of his Atoning Sacrifice, he is able to give us the agency to choose our Specific Desires and Causes. He exemplifies the General DOP to obtain Joy. Both personally and through Balanced Specific Causes, he teaches us about the Inherent Process to obtain our chosen Desire. He supports and evaluates us through our DOPs. This has been the supposition and focus of Days 1-3. In Day 4 we begin to speak about Justice Causes when we speak of our Physical Body, its inherent need for Health, and our responsibilities towards it.

Justice vs. Time Desire Obtainment Processes
A Justice Desire Obtainment Process is keeping God's commandments. We are accountable to this Process because we have already received the Desire in advance. In order to maintain our Results, we need to be diligent in keeping our commitments to God.

A Time Desire Obtainment Process is learning what the Inherent Sacrifice Process is to obtain a chosen Desire. If we want to obtain the privileges of that Desire, then we have to diligently develop our ability to keep this commitment consistently. This has been the predominant focus in Days 1-4. We focused on agency first so we could focus on your Desires before we introduced the General obligations that we already have. This enables us to see the commandments as just and fair so that we can voluntarily keep our commitments to God instead of thinking our freedom is being taken advantage of.

Justice vs. Time Effects
General Justice Effects are the maintenance of our present level of Joy. We experience Confidence, which is a sense of our value when we keep our commitments. We only notice a change in these Effects when we stop keeping the commandments. They don’t increase in intensity because we’re already receiving the level of Joy for keeping these commitments in Advance. 

Time Effects are incremental. We are experimenting on them, judging to see if they are desirable, if our Process is right, if the Desire is indeed what we want to sacrifice everything else for. Our Joy and Confidence increase if it is.

Justice vs. Time Results
Justice Results are the maintenance of our Results. We retain them when we keep the commandments, commitments, inherent DOPs.

Time Results are the incremental obtainment of Results as we have been discussing in Days 1-4.